Tuesday 23 August 2016

Configure a DNS Server to Use Forwarders

Setup DNS to use Forwarders.

(Scenario) Multiple domain controllers based globally, machine in question is going to be used as a DNS forwarder to other servers. The server is also on the domain. The server also has a static ip address and the dns entries in place can detect the master servers we will be using.

- Install DNS role on server of choice
- Open DNS Manage head to “Forward Lookup Zones”
- Add new Forward Lookup Zone
- Select Stub Zone
- Create zone name as the domain name e.g for this example companyname.local or company.com
- Choose “create a new file with this file name” and confirm it says yourcompanyname.local.dns
- Master DNS Servers addresses entry (input your DNS/DC Servers based off site. Type them in and confirm the name of the server FQDN is correct and validated)
- Click next and confirm everything is correct and choose finish.

The next stage would be to open the folder “Forward Lookup Zones” and locate the yourcompanylocal sub folder. Right click on this folder and head to properties.

Under general tab click on the Edit button for Master Servers. Confirm the only ip’s are the forwarding DNS/DC addresses.

The final thing to do is to change your DNS entries to and confirm you can ping an external address, an internal address (e.g yourcompanyname2.local) and a nslookup for an internal address.

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