Wednesday 9 December 2015

Change NTLM to Basic - Proxy Settings - Exchange 2013

I'll keep my posts nice and simple, no complex summaries. Just the answers to the questions.

If you ever come across in Outlook, the Proxy settings (aka Outlook anywhere) defaulting to NTLM.

This is how to change it.

Open your exchange server.

Open exchange powershell.

 For internal(in house):

Set-OutlookAnywhere -Identity: "nameofserver\rpc (Default Web Site)"-InternalClientAuthenticationMethod basic

For external:

Set-OutlookAnywhere -Identity: "nameofserver\rpc (Default Web Site)"-ExternalClientAuthenticationMethod basic

Finally open Command Prompt with administrator rights.

And type:


To confirm the settings have gone through, reopen Exchange Powershell and type:

Get-OutlookAnywhere -Server NAMEOFSERVER

Then simply close outlook and reopen!
"You can if it doesn't force it change it manually in proxy settings and these settings above will keep it as Basic. Please make sure Outlook is closed before doing so."

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